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what is uplighting at a wedding

What is Uplighting At a Wedding? Everything You Need to Know

You may have come across some wedding photos that radiate celebrity energy, transforming the bride and groom into the main characters of a Netflix series. 

Well, you can do it too!

Whether you’re looking to stand out in the details of your wedding venue or give an intimate romantic vibe to your big day, everything is possible with uplighting. 

Uplighting has become a significant part of the overall lighting package for wedding decorations these days. It helps in accentuating the thematic elements and bringing out the beauty of the venue.

Let’s explore uplighting in detail and different ways of using it for your wedding.

Why Use Uplighting at Weddings?

Uplighting at weddings adds a unique touch to the ambiance, highlighting key areas like the head table, cake table, and dance floor with soft, elegant beams of light. This subtle yet impactful lighting creates a mesmerizing atmosphere, perfect for capturing unforgettable moments in photos and videos. 

These lights are basically placed in a strategic way on the floor to shine light upward, making it look like there are glowing pillars in the room. Whether it’s the romantic first dance or heartfelt wedding toasts, uplighting improves the aesthetic of your venue.

Its simple yet effective technique transforms ordinary spaces into extraordinary settings that reflect in your photos and make your wedding day truly unforgettable.

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Primary Components for Uplighting 

Uplighting works as a synchronization of three basic components of a lighting system. If your decoration team knows how to combine these components to work properly, you’ll get amazing results.


When it comes to uplighting, the bulb is a key component. But figuring out how many to rent depends on a few factors like the size of the room, what you want to highlight, and how many guests you’re expecting.

For weddings with up to 100 guests, you’ll likely need around 14 to 18 uplights. But if you’re expecting more guests or have a larger space, you might need 20 or more. For a smaller wedding with around 50 guests, you could get away with around nine uplights.

Mounting Equipment

Mounting equipment such as stakes, brackets, or clamps is essential for securing the light fixtures in place. Strong mounts keep the lights steady and let you adjust as needed to achieve the desired lighting effect.

Control System

For more advanced setups, a control system allows for remote operation of the uplights, including adjusting brightness, color, and timing. This can be especially useful for dynamic lighting displays or DJ events where multiple fixtures are placed.

What Wedding Details Can Be Captured with Uplighting?

Uplighting at weddings can enhance various reception details, adding color and ambiance to the celebration. As a wedding photographer, capturing these moments is crucial:

  • Highlighting the wedding cake
  • Illuminating the bridal bouquet
  • Showcasing the wedding rings
  • Lighting up the dance floor
  • Focusing on the head table
  • Enhancing the wedding stage
  • Accentuating wall decorations
  • Lighting the band/DJ area
  • Illuminating the photo booth
  • Adding ambiance to the bar area
  • Lighting up dining tables
  • Showcasing centerpieces
  • Highlighting wedding favors
  • Accentuating corsages and boutonnières

Using uplighting creatively can bring depth to your wedding photographs and highlight the thoughtfully chosen details of the couple’s special day.

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Best Uplighting Colors For Wedding

Choosing the right uplighting colors can enhance the ambiance of your wedding reception. 

Here’s a breakdown of popular color choices and when to use them:

Warm White: Ideal for a subtle, romantic feel. It’s flattering in photos and creates a cozy atmosphere.

Blue: Adds elegance and works well for royal-themed weddings. Combining with purple can enhance the regal ambiance.

Purple: Versatile and complements many colors. Enhances dancing and creates a romantic vibe.

Amber: Creates a festive atmosphere and blends well with red, gold, and yellow lights. Perfect for adding drama to ivory-themed weddings.

Pink: Instantly sets a romantic tone, perfect for creating a loving atmosphere.

Gold: Paired well with wood and rich colors, ideal for contemporary and neutral-themed weddings.

Green: Not as common but can look great when blended with other colors or suitable themes.

Red: Rich, deep, and passionate, perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere associated with love and devotion.

Consider using two to three colors to add depth and dimension to your wedding uplighting. Remember to coordinate with other lighting elements for a cohesive look.

Cost of Uplighting for Weddings

The cost of uplighting for your wedding can vary depending on factors like the rental company and venue size. The average cost is influenced by how many uplights you’ll need and the type you choose.

There are two main options: standard and wireless. 

  • Standard uplights need power outlets and have buttons to adjust colors. 
  • Wireless ones have rechargeable batteries and come with remote controls for easy adjustments. 

Your total cost will depend on your specific needs and preferences, so it’s best to get quotes from rental companies based on your requirements.

Tips to Place Uplighting for Wedding 

Following are a few key tips that can help you to get the most out of your uplighting decor:

Place uplights to highlight important areas like the dance floor, stage, or head table.

Space the uplights evenly around the room to ensure balanced lighting.

Position the uplights at an angle to create depth and dimension.

Point the lights away from guests’ eyes to prevent glare and discomfort.

Do a test run before the event to ensure the placement and colors are just right.

Choose colors that complement your wedding theme and decor.

Be prepared to adjust the placement and intensity of the uplights as the event progresses to maintain the desired atmosphere.

Summing Up

Uplighting is the secret tool to truly transform your wedding venue, improving the ambiance, and adding uniqueness to your special day. 

By carefully considering factors like the number of lights, colors, and placement, you can create an atmosphere that enhances your celebration. 

With the right setup and coordination, your wedding photos at wedding photo booth will radiate with the same celebrity energy as those you’ve admired.

So, don’t overlook the power of uplighting in creating unforgettable memories that you’ll cherish for a lifetime.

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