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package 1. The Rockefeller

Ceremony Microphones & Music

Cocktail Hour Music

Choice of 1 Enhancement

Reception DJ/MC Coverage

2 Person Team / Emergency Backup

Online Planning Portal/Unlimited Planning sessions

*Don't need ceremony or cocktail hour? You can pick an enhancement instead*

package 2. The Wall Street

Ceremony Microphones & Music

Cocktail Hour Music

Choice of 4 Enhancements

Reception DJ/MC Coverage

2 Person Team / Emergency Backup

Online Planning Portal/Unlimited Planning sessions

*Don't need ceremony or cocktail hour? You can pick an enhancement instead*

Wedding DJ packed dance floor

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Will My DJ Help Me Pick Music For My Wedding? 🎶

Are Microphones Included With Our Wedding DJ? 🎤

While unlikely, emergencies happen. Life happens and sometimes we have to adapt. Our team, systems and processes are all designed to ensure that regardless of any circumstances, your wedding day unfolds flawlessly. From our planning app, to the notes we take on our phone calls, to the amount of staff we have trained and ready to go on a moments notice, our team is committed to the success of your wedding. Our wedding packages include a two person team for this very reason.

No one person should ever be responsible for your biggest day. It truly takes a team of dedicated and passionate individuals to do what we do. If your DJ is unable to do your event, for any reason, we have additional talent ready to rock and roll! The same goes for all our equipment as well, we bring backups of everything.

We do NOT consume alcohol at any events. While we wish could enjoy a drink with you on your wedding day, our priority is providing an incredibly fun, and safe atmosphere. Any amount of alcohol consumed by our team poses a risk to the success of your event, so we remain sober both before, and during your event. We hope you understand 🙂 

This is something we usually discuss at least once during our planning calls and we try to leave the ball primarily in your court as to whether or not guest requests are played. We will always be respectful and welcoming to guests. Personally we encourage requests as it gives us insight into what the crowd enjoys. Anytime a song request is made by a guests, we reply kindly and thank them for making it. Usually saying something like “we will see if we have it, and work it in”. However, we ALWAYS use our best judgement. If we feel like the song is going to clear your dance floor.. we avoid it. Requests from the bride/groom/people who paid us, are almost always played right away. 

Wedding days are extremely important, so we aim to arrive 3 hours before your guest arrival. This allows us plenty of extra time in case an unexpected circumstance presents itself. It usually takes our crew about an hour to set up. Once they are setup, they’ll perform a sound check to ensure your favorite songs sound incredible and the microphones are crystal clear. After they are set up, they do a quick team meeting to run through your timeline and ensure every detail is as you imagined! 

Yes! We are here to bring your vision to life and we meant it! If you have a song you’d like combined with another song, a mashup, or any custom edit created, we are experts and have your back. (Tik Tok Trend ex: you’d like the vocal of “All Your’n to play while you kiss at ceremony, and then fade into your favorite song as you walk down the isle as a married couple)

Everyone on our team certainly has their own personality but a common value among our staff regarding our MC approach is to be received as welcoming, authentic, and excited without ever being pushy or over the top. We can excite your guests and build up the energy in the room for your grand introduction, we can MC all your formality moments, and we can make all necessary announcements. During dance time, we hop on the microphone during during key moments to help build the energy, but mostly we let the music do the talking. We avoid gimmicks, cheesy one liners, jokes of pretty much any kind, and anything that could be perceived as inappropriate

If you’d like to provide a pre-ceremony playlist you may, and we will play it verbatim

If you’d like to provide a cocktail hour playlist, you may and we will play it verbatim

If you’d like to provide a dinner playlist, you may and we will play it verbatim

During dance time, we encourage our couples to provide us with a must play list/play if possible lists. We will do our best to stick as close to your lists as possible. However, we will add similar songs that we know work on dance floors and we don’t follow playlists in a predetermined order. Our DJs will read be reading your crowd and programming song selections based on their training/experience as a professional DJ to keep your dance floor packed. If we are using your lists, and it’s not working, we do hope the couples that book with us, trust us enough to build the floor back up and work in their songs when appropriate. Reading the crowd live is crucial to building up your dance floor and this typically can’t be predetermined if a busy dance floor is important to you.

Lucky for you, you’re considering hiring or have already hired us.. and we have you covered. Our DJs are some of the most trained and talented DJs in the capital region. Meaning, we’ve prepared for this and trained our DJs to handle just about any situation that they may find themselves in..

We have several techniques we use to open, build and (if necessary) rebuild dance floors. We should mention.. we are at the mercy of the crowd. If the crowd is full of non-dancers, elderly family/friends, introverts, etc it’s going to be very tough for any DJ company to pack the dance floor. There are simply crowds that don’t enjoy dancing, but they may still enjoy the music. 

Below we’ve listed 3 tips for dance floor success regarding each of the following scenarios

  • Opening the dance floor
    • Towards the tail end of dinner, our DJ will lower the lights and start playing more fun and upbeat music, famous slow dance songs, etc and organically build the floor.
    • Invite all guests out to the dancefloor for a group photo, and once the photographer is done, our DJ will drop a banger from your must play list!
    • At the end of dinner, announce the anniversary dance. Start by inviting all couples the dance floor and slowly ask couples to step off the dance floor if they’ve been together for “x” amount of years. Our MC will ask the last couple remaining on the dance floor to share a piece of advice with the newlyweds 
  • Building the dance floor
    • Start the night by focusing heavily (not entirely) on the older crowd. Our DJ will usually play 1-2 oldies, then mix in something more fun for the younger friends and family, then repeat. For the first 30 minutes or so, this is the best approach for building and holding a floor
    • Invite everyone out for a slow dance to allow them to slowly adjust to dance floor after a big meal
    • Our MC can hop on the mic and try to build the energy up a bit. Cueing your guests to sing the words, put their hands up, grab a friend and bring them to the dancefloor, reminding them who and what we are celebrating, etc
  • Rebuilding the dance floor
    • Sometime during desert, the dance floor can slow or clear  entirely. This is a good chance for guests to catch a breather and for the DJ to throw on some “burner” tracks. It’ll help reset the room and the if you have formality remaining such as the bouquet toss, thats a great chance to “pre-program” restarting your dance floor after desert. (I really should be charging for this info, these are gold nuggets)
    • Don’t be afraid to allow for a 2nd slow dance. We try not to spend too much time in slow dances, but we also acknowledge that many of the older guests may only dance during those moments. We truly want to give everyone something to enjoy and slow dances can be a great way to get everyone back out on the floor. 
    • Switch the vibe entirely. Sometimes, just opening a new folder or heading to a new era of music and switching the vibe is the best way to get the energy going. Also, worthy mention..line dances…trust me, they aren’t my favorite. I’ve heard them a million times but plain and simple, they WORK

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