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Setting The Mood Right With Wedding Music

Well, the day you have been waiting for years has come, your wedding day, and everything is all set. Guests have started arriving and you can see your friends and family hanging around enjoying themselves. But what is it that you hear in the background? The noise of guests talking, people eating starters, or plain quietness? Chances are that it’s not the vibe you are going for on your special day.

Among many important wedding arrangements, couples don’t focus on a wedding playlist. But when the day arrives, you want to set the mood right from the start of the event. 

Let’s explore the power of music in your wedding and how important it is to ensure that your guests enjoy your big day.

Different Wedding Music Choices for Diverse Atmospheres

Believe it or not, selecting the right wedding music is almost close to picking your perfect outfit. It should complement the theme of your wedding and make everyone feel happy to be there. Here’s how you can set the right tone with music throughout your wedding day:


Before the ceremony begins, when guests are finding their seats and anticipation fills the air, prelude music sets the stage. Choose contemporary acoustic songs with gentle melodies to create a welcoming and relaxed atmosphere. Prelude music holds actual importance so you have to make sure that these tunes serve as a gentle introduction to the celebration to come.


When it comes to exchanging your vows and committing to your partner “till death do us part”, you need music to reflect the romance or serenity of the moment. Choose soft and soulful melodies mostly instrumentals to spread love in the air. Pick your favorites or songs that hold a special place in both your hearts as they can be the soundtrack to the start of your new journey together.

Cocktail Hour

Once you say “I do” then it’s the call for guests to transition to cocktail hour. They mingle, talk, and enjoy the food. During that time, the music should be subtle mainly jazz or covers of popular songs, bringing an atmosphere of sophistication and relaxation. These tunes can be a conversation starter for people and offer guests a perfect surrounding to sip cocktails and catch up with friends and family.


After your first dance, as the disco lights have turned on, don’t forget to pick those cheering music to the excitement. You don’t want your guests to leave early so keep your music choice upbeat and loaded with energetic songs from your favorite genres, whether it’s pop, rock, or something else entirely.

Why Choosing the Perfect Music Matters for Your Wedding

Your wedding isn’t just about the venue, decoration, food, and dresses, all these obviously shape up the atmosphere. However, these aren’t enough, you need music to make it memorable and interesting. Let’s discover how the right music influences your wedding:

Setting the Mood

You must have heard that music is the strongest form of magic and can stir up emotions immediately. Whether you go with soft soulful tunes or R&B tracks that fit your favorites, every song has the power to change your mood. When picking a music genre, make sure to choose the wedding playlist that matches the atmosphere you want at your wedding. Go for something intimate and romantic, something lively and you can create a perfect environment.

Evoking Memories

Your wedding day is a major step in your love story and you can bring the previously spent important moments to life with the right music. You should add songs that are significant to both of you and remind the nostalgia of memories. Music lets you represent your entire journey from the day you first laid eyes on your partner to the day of the proposal and many more to come. Your musical choices add a personal touch to the celebration, making it even more meaningful for you and your guests.

Maintaining the Pace

Every event has a certain pace and you can maintain the pace of your wedding with just music. Each song sets a different tempo, so you can keep it gentle for the ceremony, romantic for your first dance, and some soothing melodies for cocktail hour.

Highlighting Special Moments

Most people remember some moments just because of the music playing in the background. So make sure from walking down the aisle to sharing your first dance, choose music that highlights your special moments. Making sure the song pick goes perfectly with these significant memories can add an emotional impact and create unforgettable experiences for everyone involved.

Portraying Your Personality

The wedding music you have chosen shows your guests what you truly are as a couple. If your partner is passionate about a particular artist or genre then the music can express how much you love them. There’s no right or wrong when it comes to selecting wedding music, as long as it speaks to you and represents your feelings, it’s perfect.

DIY or Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding Music?

Your wedding is the celebration of your love and music is the best way to set the tone to make it memorable for everyone. So whether you choose to do it yourself or go for DJ wedding music, here’s what you shouldn’t miss: 

Prep & Execution

  • DIY: You’ll need someone to manage playlists, setup, and troubleshoot.
  • DJ: Professionals handle everything, ensuring a stress-free experience.


  •    DIY: Finding sound equipment and managing transitions.
  •    DJ: Comes with quality gear, like speakers and lighting, for a seamless party.


  • DIY: Cost-effective, great for couples on a tight budget.
  • DJ: Prices vary but offer packages tailored to your needs.

Variable & Disaster Control

  • DIY: Risk of equipment failure, but no reliance on vendors.
  • DJ: Professionals handle unforeseen issues swiftly, reducing stress.

Music Selection

  • DIY: Complete control over the playlist, perfect for personalization.
  • DJ: Collaborates with you, offering varying levels of flexibility.

Summing Up

When planning your wedding, don’t forget the potential music holds to uplift the entire event. It isn’t just background noise, it’s what brings your celebration to life, loading every moment with true significance. From the soft melodies during your walk down the aisle to the perky beats on the dance floor, each song creates memories that will stay with you forever.

At Empire State Events, we understand how important the right playlist is for your special day. With our expertise in understanding your music choices, we’ll carefully pick out a playlist that reflects your love story and sets the perfect atmosphere. Trust us to bring the magic of music to your wedding, making it a magical experience for you and your guests.