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Live Musicians

If you're considering incorporating a live musician into your event, you're in the right place! Featuring live musicians at your event brings a unique entertainment aspect that your guests will be sure to enjoy. 

Live Musician FAQ

Currently we have a number of great, professional relationships with live singers, acoustic cover artists, saxophonists, percussionists, violin and string players. 

Looking for something nothing on this list? We can certainly find talent and vet them in order to make your vision come to life.

This is a multi part question so let’s break it down into three parts

  • Ceremony
    • You may want an acoustic guitarist, string players or a piano player to welcome your guests into your ceremony with appropriate instrumentals
    • They can also play your processional and recessional songs  if you prefer, or you can run the songs for those moments through a speaker, via an iPad. Usually your DJ can handle that, if you prefer the originals or a specific track
  • Cocktail Hour
    • Cocktail hour is fun because you can really take this anywhere. Live music is a wonderful way of enhancing your cocktail hour and making it more vibrant. These could be the same musicians as ceremony or completely different instruments
    • Some fun ideas for cocktail are an acoustic cover artist, a saxophonist playing smooth melodies, or a jazz trio just to name a few
  • Reception
    • Imagine after your introductions and formalities, just as everyone sits for dinner, we draw down the lights and send out a violinist to perform an epic song
    • We can pair a saxophonist alongside the DJ to play a handful of tracks during your reception
    • Adding a percussionist will certainly help liven up the crowd during dance time
    • If one of your guests is uber talented, a live performance could create life long memories 

We actually have an entire blog dedicated to this topic, you can see that blog here

In case you’re not a big blog reader, I’ll break down the short of it

Bands are great, and certainly create epic sounding moments and memories. There are two major draw backs of booking a band for your wedding

  1. Bands are LOUD
  2. Some people prefer the original song

However, great bands bring an energy that a DJ alone, can’t

DJs have two major benefits

  1. DJs can control the volume level
  2. DJs can play the version of the track that everyone knows and loves

We value the energy and atmosphere that live musicians bring, so we prefer to add them in and work alongside them at weddings. Incorporating live musicians has been a way for us to get the best of both words. 

Real Reviews

    Jack Krokos

    Married 10.21.2023

    "..they played LIVE music to start the night off and it sounded absolutely incredible! My in laws could not believe it and were raving about how people never play live music quite like this anymore at weddings. We witnessed couples dancing that haven’t in years, and were told by many people this was the best wedding reception they’ve ever attended. Both Kyle & Cody went above and beyond what we could have anticipated and I’m truly grateful that we have this memory to look back on. I hope I have another opportunity to utilize their services again in the future. You will not regret hiring them."

      Allegra V.

      Married 6.12.2022

      "We explored many bands in the Upstate, NY area, and while they were talented, none particularly resonated with our musical needs - ranging from classical, to italian standards to ABBA to club bangers! We found DJ Romantics and immediately liked him! From our first conversation, Wyatt was professional, attentive and accommodating! Many months and phone calls later, he learned about the tarantella, the Carmen overture, the exact version of “Your Song” we needed for our first dance. He kept our guests dancing and laughing and we truly couldn’t have asked for a better night!"

        Nick Pasquini

        Married 10.14.2023

        "My wife and I hired him as our wedding DJ and had the most incredible experience. He brought in a saxophonist for cocktail hour, then got everyone up and dancing to a disco after dinner and continuing the night with an EDM concert with a lights show to match. "

          Laura Maloney

          Married 7.29.2023

          "My biggest goal for my wedding was to have the dance floor packed for the whole night, and Wyatt delivered! Our wedding was SO much fun and all of my guests have commented on how much fun they had dancing at the wedding! Wyatt even kept my very traditional 93 year old grandmother dancing on the floor for the ENTIRE evening, up until the last song! There were so many people dancing, we ran out of room on the dance floor! Not only was Wyatt an excellent DJ, but he was a wonderful MC who kept the energy high in a very cool and classic way! He is thorough, thoughtful, professional and a calm presence -- exactly the type of person/vendor you want supporting you on your wedding day!"

            Sydney Schongar

            Married 6.17.2023

            "Everything from his announcements, to the reception, dinner and ceremony music was so spot on and exactly what we wanted for our day. He made himself available to us for as many meetings we wanted prior to the wedding to be sure he understood exactly what our vibe and vision was for the night. He was very professional and so great to work with! My husband and I cannot recommend DJ Romantics enough for your wedding day!"

              Caitlin Manion

              Married 8.20.2022

              "Wyatt and his team were amazing. From booking until the end, we were able to reach out and ask any questions. He guided us through the process of planning our ceremony and reception, and I trusted him to play music that everyone would like. He surely delivered! Our guest loved the selection and danced all night!"

                Francis Cocozza

                Principal Lake George Jr.-Sr. High School

                "Contract and price was VERY fair for a public high school dance. He had our students dancing the entire night. Great job and pre/post follow up/ communication was very good. Very pleased, fully satisfied and will hire again for our many school events that require a DJ. Will refer to anyone with no reservations."

                  Jordan Silverman

                  Married 8.13.2022

                  "Wyatt and his team were so attentive prior to and during our wedding celebration. We made it clear that we wanted to keep our guests dancing all night and they delivered. They were super helpful in all the planning aspects of the night and open to feedback. Wyatt was also just a very sweet person and lovely to chat with. Would definitely recommend!!"

                    T.R. Laz

                    Wedding Photographer

                    "Wyatt was a total professional. He did everything we asked, and more. Wonderful music, the guests were very happy, WE were very happy! - Highly Recommend."

                      Eliza D.

                      Married 6.24.2023

                      "We worked with Wyatt and Thaddeus for our newlywed reception this past June, and they did a great job! Wyatt put us in touch with Thaddeus and it was easy to communicate with him what we wanted for the party. He did a great job and we would highly recommend them both. Thank you!"


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