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Albany Cold Sparklers

Cold Sparks are an incredible visual effect that will make your guests jaws drop and provide epic photo and video opportunities!

Our Cold Spark machines are safety rated and Fire Marshall approved for both indoor and outdoor use. Generally, this is going to be an investment if you want it done properly and most importantly, SAFELY.  There are budget units that do not have the proper technology within them to safely deploy the effect. If you go with a budget service, this effect could absolute ruin your wedding. We utilize only the best and most recent technology available to ensure our service is stunning, and safe.

Granular sized magnesium particles are heated to a safe temperature. As these particles are heated, they are blown upward via a fan. The act of blowing these particles upward cools them off within seconds.

The answer to this question will vary, as each venue has its own rules and regulations. Many venues around Albany county allow cold sparks, and some venues don’t allow them. However, we have been able to work closely with venues in the past to get them approved for use. This consists of meeting with venues and demoing the unit with a Fire Marshall present. In fact, there are several venues where we are the only approved vendor that can use Cold Sparks.

However, certain venues simply will NOT allow them. If you’re planning on having cold sparks at your wedding or event, you’ll want to discuss this with your DJ first, and see if they know the venues regulations. Your DJ may have a relationship with the venue which sways them to approve the use. This is not always the case, but it’s worth checking. 

In addition to proper cleaning, maintenance, and testing  of our machines before each use, we keep a Class-D fire extinguisher on site behind the DJ booth anytime we deploy our Cold Spark FX. Our staff will also have a portable, wireless vacuum on site and will periodically vacuum up the particles in an attempt to maintain safe conditions. 

Yes, in the off chance of an accident or incident, our $2M liability policy covers both you and your guests, as well as the venue from any damages resulting from our team or gear. 

Cold Sparks
Cold Sparks are paired well with our Dancing On The Clouds enhancement, together these effects create an unforgettable atmosphere

Real Reviews

    Jack Krokos

    Married 10.21.23

    "The best advice I can give anyone reading this review is you absolutely MUST hire Kyle & Cody Chamberlin, period. It will end up being money very well spent. Kyle & Cody Chamberlin were extremely detail oriented and could not have possibly put together a better DJ performance for our wedding on 10.21.23. We received feedback from DOZENS of our guests specifically stating how incredible the DJ was. I’m truly grateful that we have this memory to look back on. I hope I have another opportunity to utilize their services again in the future. You will not regret hiring them."

      Ann Kielbasa-Flach

      Married 9.30.2023

      "If you are seeking a DJ or photobooth service for your event, look no further than. They will undoubtedly make your event memorable, just like they did ours. P.S. Get the Cold Spark add-on! So fun, they looked great, and it really hyped up the crowd!! Thank you Wyatt and your team for making our day truly unforgettable!"

        Matt Langevin

        Married 5.5.23

        "DJ Wyatt and his team did an awesome job! They were incredible, all of our guests were complimenting them throughout the night. Wyatt worked with us pre wedding to make sure all of our questions were answered and gave us 100% trust that his team would deliver. They kept everyone on the dance floor the entire night while mixing songs together perfectly and always kept the party going. I’d highly recommend Wyatt and his team to anyone."

          Jordan Silverman

          Married 8.13.2022

          "Wyatt and his team were so attentive prior to and during our wedding celebration. We made it clear that we wanted to keep our guests dancing all night and they delivered. They were super helpful in all the planning aspects of the night and open to feedback. Wyatt was also just a very sweet person and lovely to chat with. Would definitely recommend!!"

            Jennifer Knapp

            Married 7.22.2023

            "DJ Romantics was absolutely amazing. We are so happy we hired him and his team for our wedding. The dance floor was always packed and so many of our guests said it was the best DJ for any wedding they have been to. We couldn’t agree more!"

              Lia Schettine

              Married 9.30.2023

              "DJ Romantics was seriously the bomb. Kyle Chamberlin really hit it out of the park with the music for our wedding. We told him we basically just wanted to party all night long and that we loved anything off of the early NOW CD's (if you know, you know). He had everyone on the dance floor, young and old! Thank you DJ Romantics for making our dream wedding come true!"


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