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Up lights greatly enhance the atmosphere of a room. We can control the color and the brightness of them so that they match each moment perfectly, complimenting and enhancing what is happening in the room. Later on during dance time we can make the up-lights more fun, by going to the beat of the music. Our lights are battery powered which is extra great because it means there won't be any unsightly cables in photos.

Photo Booths

Photo booths make any event more fun. They are an interactive experience that your guest will love. It is especially fun for guests who aren't huge dancers, they'll really appreciate this! We can provide props, backdrops, prints, and a dedicated attendant. Ask about our free guest book option! Our photo booths go out almost every weekend and we are always getting compliments on how fun they are! Secure your date, as availability is limited. 

Cold Sparks

Cold sparks are a mesmerizing effect that produces dazzling, glittering sparks without generating actual fire. Incorporating cold sparks into your wedding's grand entrance or first dance creates a breathtaking and unforgettable spectacle, adding a touch of magic and romance that will leave guests in awe and make your special day truly unforgettable.

Live Musicians

Our team of musicians are highly talented and amazing additions to any celebration. We are super lucky to have a team of some of the best musicians in upstate NY. Our roster of performers spans from string instruments, to horn players, to singers, percussionists and more. These musicians will WOW your guests and help to elevate the guests’ entertainment experience at your wedding.

360 Tube Lighting

Our 360 tube lights are pixel mapped to perfectly match every moment. Carefully thought out light shows and displays to drop the jaws of your guests. These make great dancetime lights and really hope to make the DJ setup and dance floor look EPIC. If you want your wedding to be a movie, these are a MUST have!

Moving Head Lighting

Imagine a spotlight on your grand entrance so your guests know where to guide their attention or a beautiful rotation of gobos on your venue's ceiling throughout dinner. During dance time, these lights really bring the fun by projecting beautiful designs and colors all around your venue and dancefloor. Programmed to the beat of the music, our lights have the power to take your dance floor to a nightclub or concert level experience.

Dancing on The Clouds

Our dancing on the clouds machine submerges dry ice into hot water. This effect pushes out clouds of low-lying c02, creating the illusion that you are in fact, dancing on the clouds. This is a great enhancement to make your first dance unforgettable. The photo and video opportunities with this fx are incredible!

Ceremony Audio

Ensuring every word of your ceremony is heard by your guests is super important to us. We want them to feel each moment and emotion to the fullest, and for that to happen, the audio has to be perfect! From music selections to microphone volume, we carefully curate each moment to make sure every emotion is heard and felt by your guests. Our entire ceremony sound and microphone system is actually battery powered and minimal, ensuring we can service any ceremony location and more importantly, won't be an eyesore locations without access to power

Make It Snow

Just what you would expect and then we add a bit of our own expertise to really make this magnificent. Imagine your first dance photos with beautiful snow falling and white lights to really give that wonderland experience. We can use this effect during milestone dances and live performances. The photo opportunities are endless with this one.



Personalize your venue with a beautifully projected Monogram. We will collaborate with you to create the perfect monogram logo for your wedding celebration. These can be displayed on your venue's dance floor as well as the ceiling or walls.

CO2 Cannons

We’ve invested in some of the coolest (no pun intended) CO2 Cannons! Not only do our cannons project a cold cloud of CO2, but they actually have built in lights for extra fun. Close your eyes and imagine peak dance hour, the lights are perfect, the music is perfect, your favorite big drop is coming up and you get to blast your entire dancefloor with a huge Las Vegas style cloud of CO2! It doesn't get much more hype than this. If you’re local to the area, you may have even seen these at some of the downtown Saratoga nightclubs.

After Parties

Want to keep the party going after your reception ends? After parties include an additional setup in another location, setup ahead of time, so your guests can walk right in and start enjoying the after party vibes. We will work with you to ensure your after party has all the right variables. We can fully customize the perfect playlist or we can just mix it up ourselves, either way, after parties are where the real fun happens.