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Behind the Scenes: A Day in the Life of Empire State Events

When it comes to planning, organizing, and executing a perfect wedding ambiance – choosing the right wedding planner is crucial to ensure your day is just as perfect as imagined! However, the thought process that goes behind the scenes to ensure you get a perfectly unforgettable celebration often goes unseen. In this exclusive blog, we will provide you a brief glimpse of a day in the life of Empire State Events, and walk you through the entire process of making each event a resounding success. From analyzing your demands to preparation, and execution, we will cover it all. Without further ado, let us get right into it! Analyzing Cliental Requirements The first step of our process begins with analyzing, and understanding what the client actually envisions.  Our aim at this stage is to comprehend all the client-centric bottom-line requirements to ensure their dream wedding turns into an immersive reality. This part of the process is initiated with a consultation session, which involves our team of experts attentively listening to your vision, preferences, and expectations.  Clients are asked to describe the theme of the wedding they wish to acquire on their big day. This involves analyzing the intricate details of how the whole decor needs to be adjusted accordingly. Secondly, questions about their music taste preferences are discussed along with the perfect choice upon entry to the venue, the tunes they want the guest to delve along at dinner time, and the blasting music that needs to be played at the after party. By asking targeted questions and delving deep into their musical tastes, venue specifics, and desired atmosphere, we gain valuable insights that inform every aspect of our planning process.  Early Hours Preparation And Planning  As dawn breaks our dedicated team of professional wedding planning experts begin their preparations from coordinating with the logistics to finalizing the intricate details. Early hours are very critical to managing every detail of the event to be planned and executed to perfection. Before the arrival of the guests, we at the Empire State Events ensure to be ready with all the needed preparations. The preparation includes ensuring your guests making their appearance on your big day get served with only the best. Empire State Events leaves no stone unturned in crafting a tailor-made photo booth setup that reflects the unique style and personality of each occasion.  Adding Enhancement To WoW The Guests The key aspect of what differentiates The Empire State Events from other wedding planners in the market is the ability to enhance your big day celebration by hooking your guests with the best atmosphere. To ensure that your loved ones get served with the best interactive activities and blissful memories, we elevate every event to new heights of sophistication and style. From enhancing your wedding through uplight services making your guest delve within the mesmerizing cold sparks to produce dazzling, glittering sparks without generating actual fire, we do it all. Whether you require elegant lighting that sets the mood right for your event or you wish to add stunning state-of-the-art decor that goes along with your dream wedding vision, we ensure to fulfill it all. A long-headed conversion and efforts are incorporated to ensure we find everything exactly as per the clientele requirements. We all know photo booths are essential to safeguard your memories in photographs forever.  We at Empire State Events offer you an interactive photo booth that is both fun and memorable. The mind work that goes behind ensuring your photobooths are perfect revolves around the tailored requirements of the bride and groom, and the precisely chosen theme of your event.  Our provided props and cool backdrops, prints, and dedicated attendants are all part of ensuring you have the best experience partnering with us.  Ensuring Transparency And Feedback  We understand that every client comes with a different vision for their big day. In order to ensure your day is the closest to your vision, we keep it our mission to bring that vision to life in a way that exceeds expectations in a special manner. From the initial consultation to the final execution, we adopt a feedback-centric approach that prioritizes open dialogue and discussion of client requirements. Our whole process is kept highly transparent to establish clear communication and foster trust while building client relationships that serve us in effective collaboration. We carefully listen, understand, and tailor our services to suit your wedding needs, while actively seeking and valuing your feedback throughout the planning process to ensure satisfaction and address any concerns or preferences you may have. Wrapping-Up: End Of The Event As the event draws to a close, the lights dim and the city settles into slumber, our team of dedicated professional DJs finally have the chance to rest and recharge. However, the true sense of happiness gets ignited as the guests begin to depart with lasting smiles on their faces. Upon hearing the words of gratitude from satisfied clients the ultimate reward needed from the hard work spent is acquired. We prioritize client satisfaction to the utmost level while going above and beyond to ensure every requirement is preciously understood, meticulously planned, and executed. It’s not just about delivering a service—it’s about creating magical moments that are cherished for a lifetime.

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Why Your Wedding Needs a Professional DJ: A Musical Journey

Do I Need A Professional DJ For My Wedding? The moment you’ve been eagerly awaiting has finally arrived — your big day! Planning your wedding requires meticulous perfection as it marks one of the most significant moments in your life.  Every intricate detail can be as personalized as possible to ensure your day is well remembered. As you arrive at your wedding venue, the scene is filled with the lively laughter of your vendors enjoying themselves, and the animated chatter of the guests. While this might be heartwarming for some, for many it is not quite the serene atmosphere they envisioned on the big day. Among myriads of wedding preparations, selecting the right music for your big day plays a significant role. While many create their own playlist, entrusting the responsibility to an expert wedding DJ ensures a seamless flow of music tailored for the moment. If you have landed on this blog, the chances are you are looking to explore diverse reasons to hire an experienced wedding DJ to turn your dream wedding into a reality! In this blog, we will help you uncover all the reasons and ways how an expert wedding DJ could make your day an unforgettable one! Without further ado, let’s get right into it!   Benefits Of Hiring A Professional DJ For Weddings   Envision strolling down the aisle with a harmoniously romantic melody playing in the background. Imagine your loved ones dancing the night on your wedding dance floor swept away by music igniting their sparks of joy for you. This is how music serves as magic telling stories, creating memories, and transforming the atmosphere with its captivating charm. Playing the right music at the perfect time means setting the stage for lifelong memories. On the contrary, playing the wrong songs at the wrong moments can leave your guests confused and wanting something more.  A professional wedding DJ crafts ideal music as per the atmosphere setting the mood nicely and featuring the perfect ambiance. From romantic moments of your ceremony to fun and high-energy celebrations such as the dance floor or after-party, an experienced wedding DJ curates a playlist that enhances each moment independently. A wedding DJ is trained to read the crowd engaging the audience ensuring everyone enjoys the most of their time.  Imagine a delicious dinner complimented with soothing melodies that give your guests a wonderful atmosphere to enjoy their meal. Then, as the evening progresses the atmosphere of the room begins to breathe. As you feel the lights begin to move, soon, so too will you and your guests as a blend of upbeat music encourages everyone to join the dance floor. The DJ becomes attuned to your crowd’s energy and your dance party has begun! The ability to maintain and deliver a seamless transitional flow is crucial to creating an unforgettable wedding experience. A professional DJ provides wedding music services precisely catered to each moment. Great DJs will be reading the crowd to gauge what they want more and less of. This requires a skillful blending of tracks and large music knowledge to keep the momentum going. Making sure the dance floor stays packed is an art form that few have mastered. The professional DJ you hire specific to your wedding is meticulously talented with knowledge of music theory, techniques, and performance skills that keep the audience hooked. Whether you wish to keep things low-key with romantic ballad tunes or dance to upbeat music, a DJ  would help facilitate the right songs playing at the right moments. When you hire a pro DJ for a wedding, they have an extensive library of the best music at their fingertips. The diverse selection of every song from their curated playlists is catered specifically to your audience, keeping them engaged despite their varying tastes in music. Additionally, a skilled DJ takes the time to understand your musical preferences and vision for your wedding day, ensuring that the playlist is tailored to reflect your unique style and personality.  Professional DJs offer you music planning platforms and resources that make planning with your DJ easy and stress free. How Can A Wedding DJ Enhance Your Event? Other than providing your audience with a great atmosphere and maintaining your timeline, wedding DJs offer a variety of services that can extremely valuable to you and your once in a lifetime day. Here are the top ways a wedding DJ can enhance your big day! A professional DJ should have a planning system and processes in place to ensure the details for your wedding are easily understood. During planning, your DJ will likely ask you to fill out a planning form. Filling out this form gives your entertainment team all the information they will need in order to do a great job for you. You should have several calls with your DJ or entertainment company leading up to your wedding to talk through the details. During these calls, a professional DJ can walk you through each moment of your wedding. They’ll guide you along the way and answer any questions you have! The best part about using a professional DJ is that they have experienced many weddings that provide them with valuable insight. Don’t be afraid to ask your DJ questions. They’ve probably seen it all and can offer great advice.  It is your big day and you should do everything you can to make it the most special day of your life. A technical fault in the sound system or microphones during an important moment is the worst thing that could happen to spoil the experience for you. To ensure your day goes by as smoothly as possible a professional DJ is always equipped with the latest sound systems, microphones, and the needed essentials. This means your guest will be engaged throughout the event and will remember those special moments more vividly. Secondly, most pro DJs also have backup plans in case any inconvenience occurs, leaving you with peace of mind that your important moments

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Top 10 Things You Should Ask Your Wedding DJ

Pro Wedding Tips If you’re struggling with what to ask your potential wedding DJ, read this and you should have a great concept of where to start! Photo by Cheyenne Lee 1. Will they help guide me through planning? Truth be told, you’ve likely never planned a wedding before, so you’re going to need someone who doesn’t mind guiding you through an organized and sensible planning process. This should include you and your DJ discussing the timeline and expectations for the day, including specific song choices and logistics. You’ll want a DJ who sends you planning forms. This will prevent your DJ from approaching you repeatedly the day of your wedding with a million questions, meaning you can simply enjoy and experience your day. Typically, it can take several planning calls to make sure both you and your DJ are on the same page.  2. Will we get to choose our music?  Is your DJ willing to have conversations about which music will be played during specific portions of the night? If you’re looking to make your wedding unique to you and your music taste while still catering to your guests, then you’ll want to have a DJ who is going to ask the right questions about music. This is key to maintaining the proper vibe throughout the night as well as maximizing dance time. Otherwise you may end up with a generic sounding wedding that you don’t necessarily love. The question to ask yourself here is, how do I want my guests to remember my wedding? 3. How do they deal with requests the night of our wedding? Have you ever approached a deejay to request a song and ended up leaving the interaction feeling terrible about yourself? You’re not alone. It’s okay not to take requests, I guess, but it’s really unsettling to make people feel bad about making them. Going back to how your guests will remember your wedding, you’ll want them to have enjoyed your DJ. That means having a DJ that can handle requests in a respectful and endearing way. A great DJ will ask both of you how you feel regarding accepting requests at your wedding celebration. Requests can often give your DJ a great idea of what your guests would enjoy dancing too, and should be considered often. However, too many requests can interfere with a deejay’s workflow and hinder their creativity. So be mindful not to overwhelm them. 4. Do they have enough equipment to do my ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception if they are all in different spaces? How many speakers do they bring? If the answer is less than four, that means they will have to break down gear and move it around the wedding venue throughout the day. A high end wedding entertainment company will come early, have the entire property set up with speakers, microphones, music sources, etc well before the first guest arrives. This format allows for seamless transitions from each portion of your wedding without having to wait for your DJ to break down gear and go set it up in the next space.  5. Do they bring backup gear? What happens if one of their speakers breaks, or their laptop crashes? Is your party over? We sure hope not. Every DJ will bring a different level of backup equipment. Personally I want the paranoid DJ, a DJ that’s going to have my ceremony music saved on two different USB sticks, the cloud, their phone and their computer, but that’s just me. I want the DJ that’s going to have more than enough equipment on hand to get the job done. Asking your DJ what type of backup plans they have is a super important question in planning your wedding. 6. How do you plan to pack my dancefloor? Some may find this a bit forward an approach but a true professional ought to be able to explain how they plan to make your party fun. You can even go so far as to ask, what would you do if nobody is dancing? Note that an experienced DJ has likely seen dancefloors both packed and empty frequently. Experienced DJs may have tricks up their sleeve to encourage more guests to dance. This could include playing a song that’s super popular within your family, a line dance, calling everyone to the dancefloor for a group photo, etc. Getting them there isn’t enough, you want your guests dancing all night right? A great DJ will be able to read your crowd, see what they are responding well to and give them more of that!  7. What type of lighting do they use? The best way to judge lighting options for your wedding is to see pictures/videos. Lighting comes in many shapes and sizes. Not all lighting is the same, and the terms DJ’s use to describe lighting can be vague. So bottom line you’ll want to see pictures and videos. Lighting can really take your event to the next level so having someone who knows what they’re doing is really going to leave your guests impressed. The flip side to this coin is that lighting, when used distastefully  can really diminish the quality of the event as well as annoy guests/vendors. A wedding is a once in a lifetime celebration that you’ll want to look back at the content of. Will you want a bunch of green laser dots and random blobs of color thrown on you and your crowd? Are you looking for a more appropriate, professional lightshow? 8. Do they have mixes you can listen to? Videos you can watch? In this day and age, content is king. If you’re thinking about your wedding, do you want a DJ with little to no content? Would you prefer to see dance floors they have packed in the past? I think the majority prefer the latter. If a DJ says they can mix, they should have great mixes readily available for you to listen too. Specific mixes

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Should I choose a band or DJ for my wedding?

written by Wyatt Roberts Choosing the right entertainment for your wedding can be a stressful decision. There are so many possibilities to consider. The first step after booking your wedding venue should be reaching out to entertainment vendors that are somewhat local to the area. For example, say you’re getting married in Saratoga Springs, New York, searching for “DJ’s or bands in Albany, NY” (the closest major city to Saratoga Springs) will help you save on travel costs and you’ll likely find a vendor who is familiar with your venue. Once you see a few vendors you like, you’ll  want to ask if they are available on your wedding date, and if so, what types of entertainment services they offer. This phase, otherwise known as the “information gathering phase” will give you an idea of the people you’d potentially be working with, what they offer, and how much of an investment you’ll need to make to secure them. Understanding the available options and services is key in helping decide which entertainment service will be best for your wedding.  In terms of a band, you’ll want to consider the available space in your venue. Will your venue be able to professionally accommodate a band? Also bands require far more power than a DJ so you’ll want to make sure the venue even has that capability. In the Albany NY area, bands can cost on average anywhere from $3500-$7500 for a typical 5 or 7 piece band. Great bands are a really unforgettable live experience. If you go with a band, make sure you read all their reviews, browse social media for content of their previous work, and check with them to make sure they can also provide all the services you need. Weddings require a large amount of planning to make sure everything is perfect. These planning sessions are much smoother if you vibe well with the person in charge of planning, so if possible try to get on a phone call, facetime, etc to feel out the person ahead of time. Make sure they are organized, sharp and punctual.  If you’re considering a DJ for your wedding, you’ll also want someone organized, sharp and punctual but you may ask a DJ different questions than you’d ask a band. For example, asking a DJ “how many team/staff members do you work with?” In Albany, Saratoga Springs, and surrounding areas, there are only a handful of DJ companies that arrive at your wedding with a team of two or more people to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch. Weddings are a huge task to handle successfully and the top DJ companies that understand this always bring a team of reliable and well trained team members. Reliable DJ companies in Upstate New York range from $2000-$5500 depending on what services you book. If you’re looking for photo booths, dry sparks, monograms, etc you can expect to pay more than if you’re simply looking for a DJ/MC service during your reception. DJ’s can typically be more cost friendly, require less space for their setup, and are usually very comfortable mixing songs so that your guests stay on the dance floor all night long!  Some companies (such as our own) offer “fusion entertainment” where they combine the best aspects of both a band and a deejay/emcee. Live musicians can be sprinkled in tastefully throughout a wedding celebration while a DJ leads dance time and a polished MC takes care of all announcements and formalities. Some fun examples are having a (stand up) bass player at your ceremony, a live saxophonist to liven up your cocktail hour, electronic violinist as your guests enter your reception space and get ready to sit for intros/dinner, we’ve even had a live percussionist perform beside our DJ during dance time. Guests remember these moments because they are fun and different from what they see at every other wedding.  If you’re looking for a fun and upbeat entertainment company based out of the Albany area in upstate NY who can handle all of your requests and provide the perfect experience for you and all your guests, click here. 

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10 Popular Wedding Songs

10 Of The Greatest Wedding Songs To Get Your Guests Dancing Wedding Songs That Get People Moving & Grooving   1. Mony Mony – Billy Joel 2. I Wanna Dance With Somebody – Whitney Houston 3. Let’s Groove Tonight – Earth Wind & Fire (September is a notable mention as well, super popular) 4. I Like It – Enrique Iglesias 5. I’m Good – David Guetta Bebe Rexa 6. Danza Kuduro – Don Omar 7. Dance The Night Away – Dua Lipa 8. Lil Boo Thang – Paul Russel 9. Come & Get Your Love – Redbone 10. Mr. Brightside – The Killers

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Top Wedding Traditions: Explained

Photo by Kayla Herlihy Wedding Traditions, Old and New, and Pro Tips written by Nick McPherson & Wyatt Roberts As a Wedding DJ based out of Upstate NY near Albany, I have seen all kinds of traditions, and formalities come and go. If you’ve only been to weddings in the Capital Region, its likely you havent seen all the cool ways you can make your wedding unique. Because of this I have put together a list of tips and tricks outlining the most common traditions we see at weddings, “old school” and new. Wedding Traditions, Old and New, and Pro Tips As a Wedding DJ based out of Upstate NY near Albany, I have seen all kinds of traditions, and formalities come and go. I also understand that while I have personally DJed countless weddings in the capital region, you may be limited to what you have seen at other weddings, or don’t even know to begin. Because of this I have put together a list of tips and tricks outlining the most common traditions we see at weddings, “old school” and new.  Ceremony This one most of you will know about. The time where the two of you will get married. Some people still do this offsite, but more and more in the Saratoga/Albany area, and throughout New York in general we see this shift to “on-site”, at the banquet hall, barn, country club, or wherever your reception is being held. This especially becomes beautiful at the many venues I have played at in Lake George in the fall, outside. However, make sure you have a backup plan if it will rain. When it comes to on-site ceremonies, most times your DJ will provide the audio for it. We recommend it, since often, your DJ will have higher quality gear than the venue will. Make sure you keep on time with the start of this. Very often when doing a “first look” this can run late. Starting your ceremony late can push the whole timeline late. Music wise, you will have to pick out music for a few categories, that being Guest Arrival, Processionals, and Recessional. Make sure to pick these songs carefully, ones that match the moment and that you love, and be sure to take advantage of cover artists to make your favorites “ceremony appropriate”. For your Guest Arrival, we typically recommend piano covers. This will keep your guests listening and trying to figure out what it is a cover of, making it fun while they wait for it to start. For processional music (for your wedding party, and/or just for the bride’s entrance) this could be a super traditional song like “here comes the bride” or something more modern like a love song that you like. For a recessional song (as you exit down the aisle) pick something fun, upbeat, and happy. Most often we see “This Will Be (an Everlasting Love)”, and “Signed Sealed Delivered”. Cocktail Hour This is where in my opinion the party officially starts. One tip is at some point during the time, find five minutes where the two of you can take a breath and share a moment alone. We get that this is an overwhelming day. Additionally, if you are not participating, don’t spend a ton of time planning the perfect cocktail hour. When thinking about music, try and pick songs that you love that are non-danceable or not as well known. Be sure to ask your DJ for advice. We can take your playlist for the night and divide it up into Dancing and Non-Dancing and put together the perfect cocktail hour playlist. Reception Now it’s time to party and enjoy the night with your guests. Here are some of the many traditions we see in our couples timelines Grand Entrances This is where the DJ will introduce your Wedding Party. Be sure to tell your Wedding Party to have fun and spice it up. We have seen it all, from crazy to funny to cool. I have seen champaign popped by the best man, even heard of by other DJs having the groomsmen come in and play flip cup in the middle of the dance floor. Your guests will feed off the energy they bring! There are many ways you can be introduced Ways to Introduced ·        Traditional: Groomsman escorting Bridesmaid. ·        From Seat: Introduce someone from the seat at their table. Great for Grandparents!  ·        Posse Style: All Groomsmen together at once, then all Bridesmaids at once. Ex) “Introducing the Groomsmen…John, Toby, Sam, & the Best Man Paul!” ·        One at a Time: One person being introduced at a time, in any order. This makes the most sense for extensive personalized entrances.  ·        Posse Style combined w/ One at a Time: Introduce all Groomsmen into the room, then line them up in a row. One will step forward, their personalized entrance will be given, then the next one will step forward, etc. Same process for Bridesmaids. Formality Dances Typically, you will have the classic three dances, that being the first dance, and the two parent dances (father/daughter, mother/son). These can be typically placed in your timeline in two spots, right after introductions or after/during dinner. Some people even do their first dance after intros and parent dances after dinner. We typically recommend doing all three of these dances right after introductions as the room is already “alive” after your grand entrance. Options to Personalize Parent Dances: Parent Backstory: Get the story of the day you born (where was Dad, how did mom feel when she first held you, etc), or a special memory you have of your parent, etc. The story will be read before inviting your parent to the dance floor. Voice Over: Record a sound bite of yourself talking about your parent. It is then edited into your parent dance song, so that your voice

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