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In addition to our blog, below you will find some FAQ

Can our DJ mashup our first dance or parent dances?

More and more couples have been requesting 2-3 songs for their formality dances, in an attempt to surprise their guests. Our DJs can certainly do this on the fly and we are happy to provide you with a copy beforehand, free of charge 🙂

Should I stick to wedding traditions that don't fit my vibe?


There are many outdated wedding traditions that still happen at way too many weddings. Your wedding should be unique and reflection of what you enjoy. You can program the day to contain whatever you’d like, and leave out anything that doesn’t fit your preferences. 

How much do I need to tip my DJ?

Tips are never required or expected. 

However, they are ALWAYS very deeply appreciated.  

On average, tips are anywhere between 5%-12% of the bill. They always vary. If you decide to tip our staff, that is very kind of you. 

How many songs do I need to give my DJ?

Our DJs can certainly pack a dance floor without a list. However, providing your DJ with a list of 20-30 “must play” songs is a great way to give them a sense of direction and a great way to ensure the night reflects your musical preferences.

Additional “play if possible” songs can be provided as well. 

Do we need to feed our vendors?

You certainly don’t need to, but you should. Vendors are almost always fed at weddings. Weddings are LONG days and whether you choose to feed vendors or not, by law, we are required to give our staff a break and we do that during dinner time so that we can be present for all the important moments, eat quick, and hurry back for dancing. 

If you choose not to give your wedding vendors a meal, you may not get the as awesome of service simply because they are upset. Not being fed can make some vendors feel unimportant. 

Most venues are great, but a select few venues don’t feed your vendors until after all your guests have ate. This creates an issue in that your guests are all ready to start dancing but your vendors have just been served, leaving your guests waiting around to party. We bring food to all weddings to ensure that even if a venue or caterer is working against us, we can still sneak off, eat our own food quickly and return in time to make sure no-one is waiting around for dancing to begin. 

Here is a link to an interesting article about a photographer who deleted all the photos and left after being denied food at a wedding. We would certainly NEVER do this, but it goes to show how something as simple as food can make people feel.

“I hired Wyatt for my wedding and was more than impressed. Aside from playing some great music and getting the party going, he showed me specific studies and blogs on the importance of music at weddings. Highly recommend!”

Samantha Sutton
Profesional Stylist
Married at The Vanderbilt in Hudson NY